The Bird’s Robe Collaboration Band: Musodynamics

Earlier this year The Bird’s Robe, a Sydney-based music collective / record label, conceived the first in a series of collaborative projects combining the talents of various musicians working in Sydney’s experimental / progressive rock music scene.

The first in this series is an EP entitled Musodynamics, Produced by Alex O’ Toole (Captain Kickarse & The Awesomes) featuring the following lineup:


Joel Woolfe (Pirate) : sax
Nick Soole (Slimey Things) : guitar
Max Scholler-Root (The Fuji Collective) : guitar
Mike Kennet (Squid) : keyboards
Josh Ahearn (Squat Club) : bass
Tim Adderley: (Pirate): drums

Music Written and Performed by The Bird’s Robe Collaboration Band and Alex O’Toole.
Recorded and Produced by Alex O’Toole.


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