We are an organisation dedicated to the promotion and continuation of progressive and experimental music in Australia.


What the hell are you?

In the development of the music scene we love, BRC acts as a label, promoter, publicist, agent and management.

Since 2008, we’ve orchestrated over 200 shows, pushing amazing left-field, Australian and international artists. Bird’s Robe have created and produced Sydney’s FeatherFest, Space Prom and Progfest events, the Australia-wide MENAGERIE festival, championed international touring acts including UK legends 65daysofstatic, Japan’s Ruins-alone, Vampillia and Ningen Dogs Orchestra, and New York’s fuckjazzforaminute, as well as hosting tours and album releases by sleepmakeswaves, The Red Paintings, Anubis, Pirate, Meniscus and more.

In 2010 we launched Bird’s Robe Records (BRR), assisting local and international acts with distribution for their releases, as well as sponsoring collaborative recording projects between musicians, released under the series moniker “The Bird’s Robe Collaboration Band”.

Why the hell are you?

The Bird’s Robe Collective came about through an almost complete lack of promotion for progressively minded or influenced bands in Sydney, leaving these groups very few options for support. This collective was started to bring those bands together to help each other, whilst maybe even making a name for themselves and their music.

Our resume includes an assembly of similarly motivated musicians, artists and bands with half a mind to slap you silly with progressive and experimental music, aiming to keep you entranced long after the last chord has faded.

Who are the hell are you?

BRC was founded, and continues to be run by Michael Solo and Alexander Tulett.

For BRR artists and releases, visit www.birdsrobe.bandcamp.com

For a comprehensive list of bands we’ve worked with, click the Bands tab above.

To contact us, call Michael on 0404 937 095, or email us at birdsrobe (at) gmail (dot) com

OK so what does “Bird’s Robe” mean?

Not much at all! It’s a title intended to create imagery. It also makes it easier for us to design posters.